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Elevate your MBA journey with our comprehensive services. We specialize in guiding aspiring business professionals through the complexities of MBA applications and exams. Our experienced mentors provide personalized support, ensuring you develop the skills and confidence necessary for success. From exam preparation to crafting standout applications, we’re committed to helping you achieve your academic and career aspirations. Trust us to be your partner in realizing your MBA goals.


CAT Aspirants offer personalized guidance, skill assessments, and career planning strategies for individuals. With expert advice and tailored approaches, clients navigate career transitions and achieve professional success.

Online Coaching

CAT Aspirants provides Online MBA coaching  that offers flexibility, personalized support, and access to expertise from anywhere. It enhances convenience, connects you with a diverse network. 

Career counseling

CAT Aspirants provides personalized guidance, helping individuals align their aspirations with lucrative opportunities. Experienced counselors offer insights, strategies, and resources to navigate the competitive business world effectively.

GD/PI , and Training & Development

Experienced coaches of CAT Aspirants provide personalized guidance to sharpen communication, critical thinking, and interview skills which is crucial for success.

We prioritize student success through a holistic approach containing live sessions, personalized assessments, mock tests, and mentorship. Our live sessions offer dynamic learning experiences led by experienced instructors, fostering active engagement and deeper understanding. Personalized assessments allow us to tailor our support to each student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement. Mock tests provide invaluable practice and feedback, preparing students for real-world challenges. Through mentorship, we guide and inspire students, empowering them to achieve their academic and personal goals with confidence.


Subham Hazare


Suryansh Sharma

Bimtech Noida


Shubham Porwal

I met with team CAT Aspirants at that time I had already taken a drop Inspite of good score in CAT wont be able to get a decent college because of their expert counselling and support I got IMT, also got placed in Deloitte big thanks guys

I am really thankful to Anshul Sir and team CAT Aspirants for their continuous Support and step -by- step counseling, specialy in Interview preparation, I got selected in Bimtech Noida.

I visited CAT Aspirants office with my friends, must say they are a team of best counsellors, Anshul Sir is one of the best knowledgeable person I met, they suggest me college as per my requirements as I am looking options in South India and i got one of the best campus TSM.

Divy Jain

Symbiosis Pune

Sonia Bhadwar

IIM Rohtak

IIM Jammu

Sujal Verma

Extremely helpful, I was a CAT aspirant and confused about many colleges settling down for average colleges but when I connected with CAT Aspirants and met with Ansul Sir he cleared my all doubts motivated me, and trained me because of this I am studying at Symbiosis Pune, thanks for the support.

I have no words to thank Ansul Sir and CAT Aspirants, I met him when I got rejected in interview process he not only prepared me for selection process he supported me in every aspect of life and I got IIM Rohtak, I owe him my Selection.

I got expert guidance and support from CAT Aspirants have analysed my profile and motivated me for top colleges finally I got IIM Jammu always be thankful for wonderful support.

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